IP Phone

IP Phone is the new advancement in the telecommunication sector. The system is almost entirely based on an IP Network. This contradicts the conventional phone system which is standalone from the IP Network. The same contradiction enable IP Phone to be more advantageous compared to conventional phone system.

An IP Phone system involves an IP PBX which performs similarly to a proxy web server. IP PBX serves as the center-device of the system, performing the task of routing calls in and out. It eliminates the necessity to change phone numbers when converting from conventional system to IP Phone. It also routes any external calls through the IP PBX gateway.

IP Phone system contains numerous benefits. It is much easier to install compared to a proprietary phone system. The web/GUI interface makes it user-friendly. Significant cost savings, reduced phone wirings, increased productivity, allowance of roaming, increased system features, better phone usability are all an added advantage to the corresponding system. The system is also scalable allowing it to fit into any corporate environment.

We have experts who can customize our IP Phone solution to adhere corporate environments of any size. We deliver IP Phone products from three global leading organizations namely YEALINK, GRANDSTREAM, and ESCENE. All our products are ensured for quality, performance, and efficiency.



Walkie-talkie, formally known as Handheld Transceiver is a very old invention that proves to be still effective without much significant changes in its concept. It is imply a two-way radio transceiver with a distinct frequency to transmit radio waves. Although the concept of walkie-talkie remain unchanged, the technical aspect of the device has grown advance. The device has got smaller, advanced and effective compared to its previous versions.

Walkie-talkie can be used within a restricted range. It has proved to be more effective and have improved productivity. Corporate environments, construction sites, guard rooms, railway stations are some of the places where the device have proven effectiveness.


Video Conference

The conventional phone system is restricted to use of two only. Video conference is made possible through the implementation of IP Phone. Since IP Phone is based on internet protocol, it allows you to transfer no only voice but also images and videos. IP Phone transfers voice in the form of data. The IP Phone system allows the data to be compressed while its transmission. This creates extra space for additional data to be handled over the line. Hence, the IP Phone system allows us to create a conference call; enabling an entire team to communicate together in real time.

IP Phone system allows you to make video calls. The system includes a VoIP server, which is based on Internet Protocol; which in turn, is the fundamental protocol for Internet. This feature allows you to send not only your voice but also your image or video through a webcam, while simultaneously transmitting your voice.



An Intercom or Intercommunication device is a discrete communication system used in buildings, offices, apartments, or even houses as well. They are usually liberated from the telephone network and are permanently fixed in its place. Integrating with other public systems including loud-speakers, walkie-talkie, telephones, or another intercom system is capable in an intercom. Some advanced systems take a step further and connect with your in-house security systems.

Intercom system can be customized to fit both single-house and apartment-type buildings. We offer the best, innovative, reliable, and quality products and solutions in intercom. Our products have in-built video system which allows to transfer video together with sounds as well. Our solutions are IP based and provides the facility of remote monitoring.

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